BraTalk Episode 31

BraTalk Episode 31

Thank you for your support during a time of great introspection. Life is short. Let’s enjoy it. Episode 31 is now being edited and will be available very soon online! I am back. Let’s have fun! Dokta Laura

Paying with CASH

Paying with CASH It is possible to pay with cash to join  If you wish to pay cash, or use a money order, please send $59.00 for a years access.  Use the management office address and mail your money there.  The address is located on the CONTACT...

Blogs are back

After quite some time figuring out the proper way to link to the blog, it is now available on the original site at Dokta Laura. So head on over and take a look and comment when you can.  The more input I get the more I know I am on the right track! Thank...