Is your sex life of quality in nature or quantity?
I am here to say that quality is as vital as quantity. As Dokta Laura, I am here to make certain there are good feelings for both partners while engaging in sexual activity.
Never stop dating your partner no matter how many years you stay in a relationship, and always change up the routine, even if having your best orgasms comes in one form or fashion. One never knows what might spark something new and exciting in the bedroom.


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With the cost of Bras as high as they are, you may consider making a donation to the Bra Jar.  All donations will be used to purchase new bras and be featured in a future video!

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Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

This is a wonderful site where Dokta Laura gives so many wonderful ideas about how to express sexuality with your loved one. She is very astute and the combination of her own sensuality (never pornographic) and her words of advice are very powerful and I think useful to many.

Brian, TD

Season 2 has been amazing and wonderful so far. You are sensational in every way!

Scott, S

To be honest Dokta Laura, it’s very difficult to pick just 1 favorite video because each of them is different with merits of there own… I, myself have to watch each of them at least 3 times… The first couple of times is just for my own pleasure & to get off on… Then, after a good nap, I watch them again in order to listen to what you have to say in your videos… I have learned many things from your wisdom & use some of that knowledge to this day!!! (example: Olive Oil!) I don’t know how I can thank you for this, but, please, don’t stop making new videos!!! Hugs, David

David, W

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Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. When you log in as a free subscriber, you will see a notice regarding your current membership and instructions on how to upgrade.
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Just click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page and send us an inquiry.  We strive to get back to you within 24 hours, but most of time we are much quicker than that!
About Dokta Laura
I’m here to discuss bras. If any one would like for me to model a specific Bra, or if you are a company that would like for me to talk about; the wearing of, the functionality of, and use of your bra, please contact me for discussion by using the contact page.  You may also mail the items and instructions, to the address listed there.

It is in my intention to help women understand not only the functionality of the bra and how to wear it, but to also help women and men with ideas on how to use it in the bedroom, behind closed doors. I do hope my sex therapy ideas help in more ways than one.

Thank you for your interests in BraTalk, and I do hope to continue to expand your mind to sensuality while modeling bras and lingerie.

How Can I Make A Donation To The Bra Fund?
Many of you have expressed interest in contributing to a New Bra Fund. Below is a link to Paypal if you would like to contribute. The Contribution amounts are from $5.00 to $300 dollars. Thank you for thinking of this! (They are quite expensive!)

New Bra Fund

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How do I view the videos on the member page?
Recently some members have expressed that they did not know how to view the videos.  The site was designed to be as functional and as easy to use as we could possibly design.  I wanted to have all the functions designed as intuitive.  With this in mind, when the page is loaded, there are several windows that come up.  There is a window at the top of the page with a Play button in the center, and below it, a series of images.  Each side of this are arrows pointing either right or left which when clicked will advance to another block of images representing video that can be selected.  By clicking on this image, a video will be loaded into the viewing screen where you can view the video.  Take a look at the image below.  If you have further questions, please send an email.


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