Hello, and welcome to DoktaLaura

Today, I’m talking about the subject

Alright, I confess

I do know the pleasure of anal stimuli

Along with orgasm,
as does,
my intimate partner.

Of course,
there are various ways to accomplish this,

And If you don’t mind?

I’d love to share with you
Some of my personal experiences
in hopes, you, in return,
can experience such pleasures.

Not only my personal experiences,
but along with
how to prepare yourself
in such an event.

That is, when and if
”it ” ever comes to mind.

You may have read about at some point,
or seen it in porn,

However, it’s more intimate than porn could ever portray.

Still, some consider it taboo,

and this is precisely why it could make
your experience
all the more exciting

Even though anal sex is a lot more common than before,

it’s still just taboo enough to bring in that element of naughtiness

And we all know,

that feeling naughty,

can kick your arousal area

Into high gear.

yes, I am a very naughty girl

Just So that you understand,

”Taboo” or ”forbidden sex” is a common sexual fantasy.

Have you had, any sexual fantasies, lately?

I know I have.
So much more to explore in the bedroom.
And that’s why I’m here.
I’m here to remind you of that.

Keep that close in mind and email me your thoughts.

The mere idea of doing something as “unusual” or “wrong” can be a huge turn-on.

We all know that, right?

So why not kick things up a notch in the bedroom?

There are many psychological reasons;
however, I’m going to skip that part
and say,
just trust me.

Of course,

Anal Sex is neither of these things,

but if it’s not the norm for you,

or you’ve been raised with certain views, on the act,
it sure can be.

With that said,

I don’t recommend
taking the plunge
right away
before experiencing it on the ”foreplay ”level;

Of course, foreplay should be a part of intimacy no matter what.

In this case, like any experience we need to take it slow.

Foreplay, such as placing your finger or your partner’s finger inside your anus while receiving oral sex,
It is one way to experience feelings and become aware of all the unknown in a gradual way.

And Of course, using oil helps in the matter.

I’ve recently discovered Avacado oil.

This oil works much better in glide and feelings, whereas olive oil seems to be thicker all around.

If your partner feels daring

and also wants to take orgasms to a different level,

then go ahead and try one of my favorite positions, 69,

This position allows both to receive pleasure at the same time.

Meaning, we are both feeling oral sex while feeling stimuli in our anus.

There is nothing more naughty than exploring areas yet touched, and there is nothing more
arousing than discovering something new in eroticism.

Take note there are many arousal areas in our anus.

The next step is to allow sex toys into the mix. Yet, that will be my next upcoming topic

For now, let’s focus on baby steps to prepare us for our upcoming experiences.

All of which can help build intimacy if you’re with a partner, (or as I would preach without a partner can be just as good.)

It doesn’t get more intimate than sharing such tight quarters now does it?

So go ahead and start to explore areas that are if you have yet to experience them and add excitement to the ordinary.

Until next time