Wet Warmth Movement

Why is the tongue made out to be a powerful sex tool? Besides the eight muscles in the human tongue which allows it to be one of the more powerful sex organs, this primary organ of taste while kept moist by saliva, is reason enough to make these features create arousal like no other.

The kiss allows us to express compassion. Lips locking feel exciting and connected; especially when it is our first kiss.  Somehow our lips connect us to the brain and to other tingly parts of the body. Let’s take that one step further. Why do lips on our vagina and penis make sex more pleasurable? I believe the answer lies in the tongue. The combination of the rhythm, movement, warmth, and wetness of tongue and lips pressed against our body parts add more to the experience than any other body part. The tongue can defiantly explore more areas and reach more areas than most with its gentle touch. Although fingers can do the same, the combination the tongue has to offer brings so much more pleasure.

Fellatio and Cunnilingus are skills that have no set system of skill and should be acquired by practice along with our partner communicating. The key is communication so that the other knows where to lick and suck. Everyone is different when it comes to pleasure so what works for one may not work for another. Don’t assume just because you brought one partner to orgasm you are skilled and know how to bring all partners to orgasm. This statement is based on those who are dating and have had sexual experiences with more than just one person.

One never goes wrong with licking, breathing, humming in all areas until the spot is located, including the anus area. For women, our feelings jump around so what works one night may not work the next. For men it is usually simple, just below the head; however, devouring the balls and shaft adds more feeling and excitement. Always remember the combination of tongue and fingers add to the excitement of feelings, creating a combination of pressure points.

A man once told me that sex was just a form of masturbation with a sex partner.  I do understand those personalities that feel this way; however, sex with someone shouldn’t be taken so lightly. Sex is more than just bringing pleasure to someone it is creating an emotional bond as well. When having sex with another person make certain both parties know where this act is taking them. Is it for mere pleasure or is it for something more meaningful? Many confuse sex with love.

Oral sex can be tricky when it comes to associating it with love and emotions; however, when performed as a consensual act during the lovemaking process can be a beautiful and gratifying experience for the two people involved.  For much oral sex is only done unto those they really care about. Again, this is an example of the importance of communication. Whatever the intentions, Oral sex is something to experience.

Dokta Laura,