The Way Your Kisses Leave Me Wanting More

What is the motivation that makes us want to be with this special person? In most cases, our motivation is driven by our initial infatuation.
We want to spend time with them, and then we want to have some type of communication with them.

Most of these feelings can be attributed to their own perception of what we would like them to be. We get with others based on what we find to be a compliment with our own lives. Because we have the tendency to allow our imaginations to go wild, all this can be very tricky. What seems even trickier is the fact that we are enjoying the warm fuzzy feelings that are stirring in us when we allow ourselves to create these fantasies.

I personally have had these warm fuzzy feelings towards another twice in my life, and neither person I had taken to the next level of marriage. I was able to put aside the chemistry and attraction and see things long term. That’s very difficult to do especially when there is chemistry in the bedroom, and the attraction is high.  By putting aside deep-felt compassion, I was able to see flaws I couldn’t live with long term.  Knowing this I walked away from the relationship in order to be the bigger person. It is important to keep in mind that the other person is only showing us the parts of himself or herself that they want us to see.

Everyone is out to make a good impression. After all, do we not want to be liked?  We may choose to tell the other person everything we think they want to hear in order to impress them. Whether there is any truth to what we say does not seem to be important in the early stages of a relationship.

In other words, it is not really our intention to deceive; it is just that we allow ourselves to become so infatuated with this person that we portray ourselves as very agreeable individuals.

I do believe it takes some living adult years before acquiring mature skills to last a lifetime in a relationship. Our life experiences aren’t enough once we graduated from college. We need to live responsible lives on our own and experience different walks of life before deciding on a partner.

I’ve been in long term relationships but none have convinced me to have children. That too takes discipline to decide. Just because one is in a relationship doesn’t mean we have to have children together. Just because a person makes a good partner in one area doesn’t mean they make a good partner in all areas. This world isn’t going to have a shortage of people. So before settling down and having children with a person, remember there are one too many children going through a divorce. No, we can’t predict the future; however, we all have an inner voice talking to us. Someday it is going to scream at you telling you to wake up, by then make certain you haven’t involved a whole family. Make certain you’re not being trapped into having children.

Awareness is something that begins from within each of us. It then moves outward into the world that surrounds us. It is for this reason that we must develop an understanding of just who we are before we can understand how we relate to another.

Dokta Laura