That Kiss

Why is it “That Kiss” so personal? Why is it “That Kiss “connected to the soul?

Do we discover it is difficult to engage in just anyone? Yes, we can kiss anyone, however; compassion behind the kiss only comes through connection of our souls. That engaging kiss is the last connection to our trust in giving our heart to someone. For it is with emotion we connect our hearts to another.

Our lips yearn for connection before our body. That physiological yearning goes back to our pubescent years of learning that first kiss and exploring our exploding changing hormones. That kiss is never outgrown because it brings us back to our connection to youth and first-time experience to acting on our sexual impulses.

I always advise, “If we don’t connect with the lips, then the rest of the sex won’t matter.” The kiss should be explored from the head down. The lips and tongue bring more pleasure than any other body part; however, they all work together to form unity and bring us to our ultimate ecstasy.

Always kiss with the lips first, and tongue second. Advance in your kiss but allow the woman to take charge when being kissed on the lips. Her gentle ways will lead to a relaxing engagement and by her in charge; she will lead to other things.

Caressing should always take place while kissing.

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