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Let’s talk about our complete sensations.

For those of us with vulvas,
the majority of our orgasm comes from the brain,
so everyday stress can keep us from orgasming.

We all have those moments when we are experiencing numbness of the clitoris,
or other areas of our vagina,
so it does help to get our minds, in the right place.

Not only can stress and depression, be a deterrent,
But medication, along with other underlying Conditions
can keep our libido desensitized.

If you aren’t shy about discussing such matters,
then talk to your ob-gyn.
Better yet, talk to your medspa as they, too, have practices
that will help with stimuli.
Men aren’t the only ones with help in that area.

Have you heard about the O-Shot?
The O-shot is something to be advised
as it will up your libido and experience with orgasms.

Not being able to come to orgasm during partnered sex,
doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong.
Only about 10 percent of women climax easily.
So breathe deep, think naughty thoughts,
and keep on until you get there.

Most Women need lots of foreplay,
and lovers don’t give us the amount of time we need
to reach that point of satisfaction.

Keep in mind that most women aren’t able to climax
with penetrative sex alone.
”We all need direct clitoral stimulation to climax.”

From BraTalk S2 E2

From BraTalk S2 E2

So, sometimes vibrators are more effective
because they provide that stimulation,
along with the repetitive rhythm,
and hit that spot where others can’t.

most women are able to orgasm with the toy,
but not a partner.

But what if I told you
that by combining both,
It will bring us to heightened euphoria.

What usually interferes with the ”Big-O,”
is not only the place of touch, or rhythm
but breaking it up. ……..

Let me explain what I mean by
”breaking it up. …”

Our clitoris loves vibration and rhythm,
but it also needs to have buildup,
or it will go numb.
So start getting the pussy wet through vibrating clitoral stimuli, then add a mouth and tongue,
after a while, along with some penetration, after the pussy gets wet with kissing and vibrations.

Penetration is always best when we are built up, wet, and ready for more.
Then when we are on edge,
pull out and allow the clitoris
more stimuli,

go and back and forth with penetration,
clitoral stimuli through vibrator and tongue
Until we get to the point of begging

We beg to be fucked
We beg to be sucked.
Don’t forget about the nipples while asking.

When we start begging for more,
you will know it’s getting hot
and closer to the climax.

Spank, use lots of verbiages until it turns you both into fuck machines with dripping sweat.

But don’t forget
It’s the tease beforehand…… That leads to great sex…….
So ladies always be ready for a striptease.

From S2 E2

We all fantasize

We all fantasize

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