New Format Season 2 of BraTalk

Hello Everyone!

There are some changes I want you to be aware of.

  1. Season 2 is now located on the “Season 2” link and available only to the paid members page.
  2. I may split the first season video page into two pages for the first half and second half or something like that for faster loading times.  Sometimes pages get to bogged down when they have to much content, especially video streaming.
  3. The “Free Videos” are available on the “Free” account page.  They are also available on the First Page or “Season 1”  of the “Paid” site with the “Paid Membership” extended content videos.
  4. The “Free Videos” are NOT available on the “Season 2” video page, for faster viewing speeds.
  5. There will be no further production and publishing of “Free Videos,” with the exception of some promotional offerings.

I hope you enjoy the new format.  Ideas are always welcome.

I would love some Reviews posted about the paid video side from current satisfied members so that the “Free Members” might hear that they are worth the price of admission.  Thank you in advance!



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For those who might like to know, the all-time most viewed video is BraTalk #7.  Can anyone express why this is the top video? Which one is your favorite, and why?